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322: Hey, thanks Para)

Duglas: Админ, пожалуйста, отмени карты с 22.30 до 23.30! На них играют максимум 1-3 игрока.

Duglas: Уже не раз было что играли толпой и после 22.30 выбрасовало 90% игроков......

14: Third SM Video

Dora :😍😍😍


The site is dedicated to SOD MOD CTF server and game Quake 3, here you can find out about server status, players, as well as other useful info and videos about the game :)

Map change schedule: q3ctf2 - every odd hour q3ctf3 - every even hour
If you got error "No response of master server" then type in console \connect
Group in facebook discord

Disclaimer: Looking for Sod Mod source code, if you have it or know who have it please contact me on email or in chat

Online Map: q3ctf1

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1 SWEJulione 0 18
2 something 0 15
3 BaLeX 0 9
4 0 5
Server time: 3:00 AM